ver~sauce (goldensocks) wrote in homemovies,


hello homemovies community!
lets keep this place alive !!!

i hope you can tell who my favorite character is :)

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Those are so great, I love the last one =)
thank you ! *-*
that last one's fabulous! what did you use to draw them? Were they handsketches colored in on the computer?
the first one was a pencil sketch on paper and the other two were drawn digitally using a tablet and programs like Open Canvas, SAI Paint tool, or Photoshop! Thank you so much! :D
nice! dwayne never looked so good ;). i also love jason's face, the mouth is exactly how i'd picture it in "realistic" form hehe.
bohaha thank you! i had a hard time drawing jason though LOL
:D tys!
Whoa, those are real good. I love Dwayne too. XD
<33 thankyou :33
great fun!
yes it was great fun <3
Oh my gosh, I looove the last one! That's awesome; I especially like how Melissa is looking pissed off.
hahha i tried to keep them in semi-character!
thanks very much!
omg win. love your icon btw
hahah thanks !
i got it off of venture_icons
actually mybad its ventureicons
not underscore :O
Very, very impressive. I'd love to see your take on Shannon!
ACK! That last picture is adorable on 10 different levels. You better have a devaintart account with more. *shakes fist*