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date:2009-05-21 00:38
subject: Soundtrack
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I got the Home Movies box set for Christmas with the soundtrack. That CD has been in my car for several months and I'm still not sick of it. I have the songs from Bye Bye Greasy on my favorites playlist on my ipod.

 My only beef is that the soundtrack doesn't have freaky-outty or the clean bean song.

Is anyone else as entertained by this as I am?

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date:2009-02-02 19:30
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everyone see john benjamin in the bud commercial during the super bowl last night?

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date:2009-01-29 23:59
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If for no other reason at all, Home Movies needs to come back because there is a 'plethera' of material to be mocked. I know they usuall don't do TV shows, but I mean c'mon--- LOST? I'm already laughing.

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date:2008-11-15 11:58
subject: real life home movies
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Homespun Horror and Freehand Flicks is a new community created as an outlet for amateur filmakers.  I've noticed all websites/forums seem to focus on "real" movies or at least small independent films, I could never find an outlet for the little guy, who's just doing it for fun, to share their work with other people, tips, and anything else.  It's brand new so we're trying to find like minds who may have movies to contribute or just anyone who would like to be an audience.  Please join and/or add us on MySpace so we can build up nice and strong!



We only started yesterday and have one movie up with more in queue, please pass us onto anyone you think may enjoy watching or contribute!


date:2008-10-18 13:55
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if you were a car instead of a boy
you'd have headlights instead of eyes
and tires instead of feet

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date:2008-09-30 16:10
subject: Who is going to buy this?
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The Home Movies 10th anniversary box set.

It's pretty expensive and I would guess most people who really love Home Movies already own the individual seasons. This makes me angry, but also confused as to how lame the extras are. Like I'd totally buy a collector's set if it came with:

  • swords
  • a six pack of black hole brew
  • a really nice t-shirt or two (of anything)
  • fake chaquita banana lady tattoo
  • a Mcguirck bust
  • Wizard's Baker action figures
  • Skunk scout's uniform
  • anything "signed" by:
    • Brendon Small
    • Jon Benjamin (sp?)
    • Melissa (last name?)
    • Stephen Lynch
    • The other guy on the commentary
  • pictures of Brendon Small from Playgirl
  • anything except a tote bag
Why? What happened. What the fuck is a "Exclusive Home Movies Director's Clapboard"? I'm so confused as to why this was a necessary thing to include. I'd rather have a picture of a fat Brendon Small with the words "I'm hungry hot!" in Comic Sans next to him. God, merchandise could not get anymore useless.

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date:2008-09-24 17:32
subject: PAIRINGS
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so I've been thinking about them a lot and want to know who you guys enjoy paired together. Here's my ONE TRUE HOME MOVIES PAIRING:


 I've watched a lot of Home Movies and to me, the series is filled with homosexual overtones (or understones? I'm not good with words...), the most obvious being Walter and Perry, but others include Fenton, Jason (at times), and of course, Shannon. Shannon is not the typical bully, he's the IRONIC bully. He's calm and collected, he's graceful, and his voice is high and lilting. Even his name is decieving, something you wouldn't connect to a bully. I always thought Shannon was a character who was suposed to imply homosexual tendancies (feel free to disagree), which makes him that much more of an interesting bully. He's always touching Brendon, he's very physical. Of course he'd have to be, considering his reputation. I believe, and this is just my opinion, that he "likes" Brendon, more than a friend. For this to work, we'd have to ignore their age (for it to be believable). I don't find this too hard to do, considering these kids certainly don't act like 8 year olds.

Other pairings I enjoy are Shannon/Mellisa, McGuirk/Brendon, Jason/Brendon, and McGuirk/Lynch


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date:2008-08-24 01:40
subject: hiiiii
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hello homemovies community!
lets keep this place alive !!!

bunch of doodlesCollapse )

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date:2008-06-17 20:15
subject: me alone in a leather...
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mood: full


It's Shannon! Or at least an original interpretation of him.

Something I did about a week ago. Please don't use without permission.

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date:2008-06-16 04:59
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Just a question for everyone: What is your favorite film of Brendon, Jason, and Melissa's?

I have to say ... I love “The Public Speaking Monster” from episode two (the one where Brendon turns into a monster -- played by Jason -- every time he has to do a speech) and then OF COURSE... “Starboy & The Captain of Outer Space” is a favorite as well. What about all of you?

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date:2008-06-15 12:36
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Fatso takin' my money back.

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date:2008-05-23 19:00
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rabbit troop sucks.

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date:2008-05-17 23:04
subject: just a few...
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just watched the episode where he gets the swords. pure awesome.

only 3:

comment and credit if you use em ;) thanks!

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date:2008-05-08 08:23
subject: and i made some icons
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9 home movies, 1 shin chan, 8 aqua teen preview:


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date:2008-05-08 05:36
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damnit. we're dead.


Don't make the same mistakes I did. Or my father. Or your father.

Like what?

Well like this morning I poured orange juice in my cereal. I wasn't thinking I just grabbed it pored it, i was half asleep. Then I realized I love it. It's a great mix. Then I realize It's the corporations and the advertisers that prevent us from doing stuff like this. they program us to think one way: milk-cereal. Then you realize orange juice-cereal is fine, it all goes in the same place. You know the old saying. Point is Brandon give your father a chance

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date:2008-02-11 08:53
subject: hey hey hey
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I've been a Home Movies fan for a long time now. As for favorite characters, I gotta go with Shannon, lol. Nice to be here.

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date:2008-01-22 19:32
subject: Hello all
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My sister got the first season of Home Movies from her boyfriend and I used my Christmas money to get all four seasons on DVD. This is such a great show.

I'll leave you with this:

Don’t kill children
Don’t run them over
Let them live their life
Let them get older

Don’t kill children
Don’t run them over
Let them live their life
Let them get older

Brendon Small!
He didn’t do anything wrong!
He was riding his bike!
They tried to take his life!

Don’t kill children
Don’t run them over
Let them live their life
And let them get older Don’t kill children Don’t run them over
Let them live their life And let them get older Brendon Small!
He didn’t do anything wrong! He was riding his bike! They tried
to take his life! Oh!

Edit: I want that song as my ringtone so bad

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date:2007-09-24 18:14
subject: For those of you who missed last nights Family Guy episode
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mood: chipper

I found a link!

Family Guy Season 6- Blue Harvest

Click here


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date:2007-09-23 21:53
subject: Family Guy
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mood: excited

So I'm watching the new episode of Family Guy, when I noticed Coach McGuirk! Of course he didn't look exactly like himself, but pretty similar. I miss Home Movies =(
But I'm really glad Adult Swim put Home Movies back into their schedule.

Anyone else see it?

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date:2007-08-09 12:28
subject: Home Movies Forum
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mood: cheerful


I just joined this a few days ago. :]

Haha. I watched home movies when it was on all the time on adult swim. now they rarely show it. It's sad! My favorite characters are Brendon and Shannon. and Coach McGuirk... I guess I have a hard time picking favorites, they are all great!

This is for any one who might be interested in joining a home movies fan forum. it was just created, and we need more members! it would be super awesome if you decided to join!!




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